Barefoot Running DVD with FREE Complimentary Book!

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From Michael Sandler & Jessica Lee, co-authors of the most comprehensive guide on Barefoot Running...

The Minimalist Running Package That Will Help You Run Lighter, Faster, & Easier than Ever Before!

Learn the secrets to great running form, tools for improving strength & flexibility, plus choosing minimalist footwear.

Discover how you were born to run, with light, effortless strides.

Up to 80% of all runners get injured each year, pounding away in their shoes. Yet as natural running coaches, we've helped our clients dramatically minimize impact from Day 1. Step by step, you'll learn perfect running technique.

Minimalist Shoes

While some shoes are great, most hurt our feet, roll our ankles, & pound our knees. Studying thousands of runners and shoes like Vibram FiveFingers, we came up key footwear criteria. We go over each part of the shoe to help you choose.

Staying Injury Free

This means balance, strength, & flexibility. You'll learn dozens of drills, strength-training activities, & running specific stretching techniques including foam rollers & balls.

For a complete list of topics covered click on the images above. Includes foot strengthening, proper running form, barefoot running for women, benefits of Earthing, stretching & recovery, trail running, injury prevention, seniors & children, plus nutrition!

Filmed and written on Maui & Boulder and filled with inspiring music, you're sure to be moved!

About Michael Sandler
After a near-death accident left me with a titanium femur & hip, along with chronic plantar fasciitis, 10 knee operations & no ACL, running seemed out of the question. Instead, by learning the techniques in this set, I overcame injury, now running faster and lighter than ever before. And you can too!