PRE-LOADED Clip Sport Bluetooth MP3 Player with Pedometer! Ultra-Small, Perfect for Running & Gym!

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This is Jessica’s favorite to take to the gym. Of course, Jessica visited home recently, and it quickly became her mom’s favorite, so now Jessica needs a new one! 

If you think big things come in little packages, then you’ll love this miniaturized MP3 player. It’s the lightest (22 grams!) and weight-wise easiest to carry, and yet has a big screen, and massive features! 

And speaking of carry, it comes with a sports clip so you can clip it to your jacket, your purse, even your waistband for when you run!!! 

(Note: If you like something with heft and bigger buttons, but with the same functionality, consider the Deluxe!)

It’s a true all-in-one like it’s bigger brother, with a pedometer to count your steps, voice recorder to take your notes, e-book reader, FM stereo (Michael likes this one!), and of course can play videos as well. 

And it comes with bluetooth connectivity, AND earphones too!

It’s the perfect solution for sharing Inspire Nation with your loved ones who like to walk, run, or workout at the gym, while listening to their favorite podcast!

It’s pre-reloaded with your choice of the last 200 or 500 shows, chockfull of inspiration, motivation and how-to advice to jumpstart your dream life.) Scroll down for more details on the MP3 player.

OPTION TO UPGRADE! Add an additional 300 shows for a total of 500 shows! Only $30 more.


  • No need to download, wrestle with data limits, or struggle with iTunes, or other podcast players
  • Perfect for those who are anti-smart phones or tech-challenged


  • Includes hundreds you can no longer access on iTunes!
  • You'll get every show since the beginning of Inspire Nation. 
  • Listen to your favorite authors, experts, and athletes whenever and wherever you want!

About the MP3 Player:

  • Bluetooth Function: Support Bluetooth version over 2.0 and below 4.1. No cable to trouble you anymore. Accelerate transmission without any delay. High-speed and stable transmission and high anti-interference ability enables easy use both indoor and outdoor and assures pleasant wireless music playing experience.
  • Born For Music and Sport: It can be clipped to armband strap and pocket with jagged clip to avoid falling off during running. Set your hands free with this little clip.
  • Lossless Music Player. It provides Hi-Fi class music playing experience. Support music format: MP3, WMA, APE, WAV, FLAC etc.
  • Easy to Use: With 1.5 in TFT display, Built in independent volume controls, a key to return.User-friendly easy navigation, not worry again about the complex operation. NEW add sport Pedometer, Support play Music, FM(support fm record), Video, display Photos, voice recorder, clock, and so on.It makes the things you do most even better.

The AGPTEK A50 Bluetooth Clip MP3 Player is an ideal choice for running. It weighs only 25g. With the little clip, it can be clipped to your armband. Bluetooth function makes you free from worry about tangle cables. Additional function like pedometer helps you record your training in detail.This lightweight yet durable MP3 player delivers dynamic sound quality and can clip right to your clothing, allowing you to free up your hands and pockets during workouts.

Lossless Music Player. It provides Hi-Fi class music playing experience. Support music format: MP3, WMA, APE, WAV, FLAC etc.
Big Memory: TF slot makes an extra Miro SD card possible. The built-in 8GB storage supports max 2000 songs. An extra 64GB Micro SD card supports up to 4000 songs. Add your favorite songs or audio book.Share Your Wonderful Life.

Pedometer. Record steps, distances and calories burnt. 
Time Screensaver: It acts as a clock during exercising. Save power as well as protect the screen.
Fast Charge and Battery Life Display. Charging 1.5 hours for 20-25h battery endurance.
Function: Music Playing, Recording, FM Radio, Folder Viewer, Setting, Music Playing via Bluetooth, Pedometer, Playing.
Bluetooth Function: Support Bluetooth version over 2.0 and below 4.1
Bluetooth Connection Range: 8-10m without any barrier
Play Mode: Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Classic, Electronic, Customized
Compatible System: Windows7/8/8.1/10/XP/Vista/2001/Mac OS
Weight: 25g
Dimension: 60*40*11mm

Package Included:
1X AGPTEK A50 MP3 Player
1X USB Cable
1X Earphones
1X User Manual