PRE-LOADED Bluetooth MP3 Player, Perfect for Car Stereos & Commutes! Super Light-weight, Simple & Fast!

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Michael’s favorite if you don’t need an armband or pedometer! He says it’s the simplest to use, and the fastest to turn-on, scroll and find your favorite shows!

This MP3 player has upgraded Bluetooth for simple fast connections to your car or other audio devices. It’s like weight, and rubbery surface make it feel secure in hand, and keep it from slipping out!

This Mp3 player is pre-reloaded with your choice of the last 200 or 500 shows, chock-full of inspiration, motivation and how-to advice to jump start your dream life!  (Note: This MP3 Player does not come with headphones. Scroll down for more details on the MP3 player.)

Also comes with a built-in voice-recorder, FM tuner (requires headphones for an antennae), e-book reader (if you’ve got really good eyes!) and picture viewer. 

You can even play video with it’s 1.5 inch screen.

OPTION TO UPGRADE! Add an additional 300 shows for a total of 500 shows! Only $30 more.



  • No Need to download, wrestle with data limits, or struggle with iTunes, or other podcast players
  • Perfect for those who are anti-smart phones or tech-challenged


  • Includes hundreds you can no longer access on iTunes!
  • You'll get every show since the beginning of Inspire Nation. 
  • Listen to your favorite authors, experts, and athletes whenever and wherever you want!

More details on the MP3 Player:

  • BLUETOOTH CAPABILITY: Great Bluetooth enjoyment with your BT device (Bluetooth 3.0 or above). You can also connect it with your car of 0000 PIN code via bluetooth (not with random PIN).
  • LOSSLESS MUSIC PLAYING: Provide great quality sound for the array of music and convenient to download (Support MP3, APE, and FLAC WMA etc.) And you can add bookmark for your music files (including audio book it supports).
  • PORTABLE & LONG PLAYBACK TIME: Compact design with just 0.88oz. The built-in rechargeable battery takes 2.5 hours of full charge for 12 hours of playback with wired earphones, FM radio and bluetooth mode will shorten the battery life.
  • KINDLY NOTE: When connecting via bluetooth, please make sure your bluetooth headsets/speaker is on pairing mode (usually the LED flashes red and blue simultaneously). Updated with lastest firmware.

Color: black
- Weight:0.88 OZ
- Dimension of 3.24*1.58*0.37 inch
- Audio format: MP3/WMA/OGG,APE,FLAC,WAV,AAC-LC,ACELP. (Not support AAC, OGG format via Bluetooth)
- Video format: AMV /AVI
- Recording format: FM/MIC record and WAV
- Photo format: JPG,BMP and GIF

Please note
1. This mp3 player is a Bluetooth transmitter,not a receiver,it can only pair with bluetooth headphones or speakers. It can not pair with phone, and you must use the MP3 player to search bluetooth headphones or speakers.
2. This mp3 player doesn't support DRM WMA and Audible
3. When you listen to the radio via bluetooth, you need to insert the earphone as antenna
4. The playlist is supported under Non-Bluetooth playing situation only
5. Listen to the radio via bluetooth: select "FM radio" on the main menu, then choose a station, then long press the "Menu"button, click "bluetooth link".

Package included
1x MP3 Player (8GB memory)
1x micro USB Cable
1x user manual
Note: Earphone is not included.